Help & FAQ

What is the Cloud?

Simply put, the cloud is the Internet. In the past the Internet functioned more like a network of roads, railways, and bridges that connected one computer to another and data traveled from place to place. Now this “cyber” space is being used to store your data so that the need to keep so many files on your personal device is decreasing and any kind of data file--whether it is music, photos, or digital scans of love letters-- can be kept permanently “in the cloud.”

What is ShutterYou’s Cloud all about?

ShutterYou is a place where you can organize all of your photos, in high resolution, in our Cloud Space.This frees up space on your home computer and allows you to travel without having to lug around your digital photos on your laptop.You can access your high resolution photos from any device and you can upload and download the high resolution files with your membership to ShutterYou. ShutterYou provides safe storage for your photos in a pleasant and easy to use space on the web.

Is this a safe way to store my photos?

Yes. It is very safe. Because your photos are not stored on a single device, but rather on multiple devices, your images are backed up safely. They are not susceptible to theft, breakage or damage that might otherwise occur in the home or office....(Please note you must always keep your photos saved for 48 hours after you upload to ShutterYou to assure safe transfer.)

What about my privacy?

With ShutterYou, you can designate the privacy level of each photo or entire galleries. There are three privacy levels: Private (only you can see); Invite Only (a link will provide access to the photos - share the link with whomever you choose); Public (anyone can see the photos marked Public).

What is the benefit of saving my photos to Cloud Storage?

Keeping your photos on ShutterYou frees up space on your desktop or laptop computer.  

You can access your photos from anywhere, on any device connected to the Internet.  You don’t have to worry about losing precious memories if you store your photos with ShutterYou.

How many photos can I store with my Membership?

5 GB of storage is yours with your membership. That is roughly 3,000 high resolution images.  Of course, if your images are stored in lower resolution, you can store more of them.

Can I purchase more space?

Yes, if you would like to upgrade your spaced can be increased.

How much does a membership cost?

Membership is $24.95 per year for 5 GB of storage.

What if I forget my password?

You can request a password reset under the Request New Password tab. An email will be sent to you with a direct link to login where you can then change your password under your Edit Account tab.

I want to download a high res image--is this possible?

Images are stored on ShutterYou in the same resolution in which they were uploaded. Photos from the ShutterBooth are high resolution and make nice print enlargements. Downloads are available in high resolution only to the owner of the gallery. Low resolution images are available to anyone.

I would like to purchase a digital file for an image - can I do this?

Digital downloads are free and are available in standard web resolution. High resolution downloads are only available to the member who is the owner of the gallery and therefore, the photos in the gallery. ShutterYou is happy to share web files with anyone and is proud to sell beautiful reprints and enlargements for any photo, photostrip or photogrid taken in a ShutterBooth.

Will ShutterYou send me spam?

No. ShutterYou will only email you to notify you of account activity such as verification upon startup and order confirmations. If you elect to receive our newsletter, you will be informed of occasional updates, improvements, and additions to ShutterYou. (Depending on your email server, these emails may go to your spam folders, but they are not spam.)

Will I have to become a member of ShutterYou to view the photos?

No. ShutterYou does not require you to register in order to share or view photos from an event you attended. You can view, share and download low resolution images without ever giving us any information!

How long will photos be available online?

Photos from ShutterBooth events are available online for a minimum of six months. Members’ photos are available online as long as the membership remains valid.

How long will it take for the ShutterBooth photos to be uploaded online?

Photos will typically take about 3-5 days (from the date of your event) to be posted online.